Ad Hoc Human Information Nets for Asymmetric Threat Surveillance.


This is the final report for the Ad Hoc Human Interaction Nets project. All tasks described in our original proposal have been completed: Hybrid-Hierarchical Micro-Databases, Query Optimization, and XML for Embedded Systems. After meeting with the program manager, Tom Armour, in Washington, DC, we were able to get a better perspective on the ad hoc nature of the solicitation. Armed with this perspective, we were able to complete two substantial prototypes to address the four tasks as originally written that works with Pocket PC and Palm OS devices. We were able to evaluate the viability of the Sharp Zaurus platform as well but ultimately decided to limit our focus to Palm OS and Pocket PC devices, which appear to have the greatest market interest and viability at the time of writing. Acquiring the hardware enabled us to make substantial progress on the ad hoc networking issues. In our networking prototype, which is based on the Pocket PC platform, we were able to take advantage of the emerging. Net compact framework and use it to build a distributed services and database framework. In this report, we will describe the two concept prototypes that were developed to demonstrate the feasibility of ad hoc human interaction networks and then proceed with a brief discussion of each task as written in the original proposal.