About Me

About Me

Hi! I’m George. I am a full professor of computer science and chairperson of the same at Loyola University Chicago, as well as a visiting computer scientist at Argonne National Laboratory.

I double-majored in computer science and physics and nearly majored in mathematics at Lewis University in Romeoville, IL. I earned a PhD in computer science from the Illinois Institute of Technology under the supervision of Thomas W. Christopher. My doctoral work involved creating messaging middleware to support parallel and distributed computation on computing clusters and networks of workstations (primarily in C/C++ and Java).

My research and teaching interests include high-performance computing and distributed systems, programming languages, software engineering, and machine learning. I am also interested in interdisciplinary computing, working in computational science, data science, and digital humanities and arts (primarily music).

My recent work focuses on energy-efficient computer vision and empirical software engineering. My research has been funded by government agencies such as NSF, DARPA, NSA, and NEH, and I have received research and education-related gifts from industry leaders including Intel, Google, Meta, and Microsoft.

My academic career has been somewhat non-linear. From 1990-1997, I held full-time and consulting positions in the industry, culminating as a senior member of technical staff and development manager. (This experience helped develop the leadership and organizational skills required of a department chairperson. Otherwise, I think I would have to be hospitalized.)

At Loyola, I have served as the undergraduate program director (in 2004) and the graduate program director (from 2004-2006). Beyond my university service, I have been the editor-in-chief (EIC) of IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering Magazine (from 2013-2016), associate EIC of IEEE Computer (from 2016-2019), and chaired the Magazine Operations Committee (from 2017-2018) after my EIC service. I have also served on the Publications Board, overseeing transactions and magazines published by the IEEE Computer Society.

Currently, I am a member of the IEEE Computer Advisory Board and an editor for the Journal of Open Source Software (Data Science and Artificial Intelligence track).

Beyond my roles as a department chair and professor, I returned to school in January 2023 to study jazz piano performance with Lara Driscoll, a talented French-American pianist and teacher; she is my first actual piano teacher! and also took a class on jazz improvision from Chris Madsen. I have also studied jazz informally in the ensembles program at the Old Town School with Michael Nearpass and Jack Cassidy, and I hope to return there soon. I don't know if my chairperson life will permit me to finish a degree in music and jazz performance, but I love this group of musicians for bringing out the best in me. Wish me luck.